The West Elgin Skating Club requires all skaters, coaches & parents/guardians to understand and follow these rules on the ice. Please note the Skating Director will review sessions with respect to these rules and will enforce them when it is deemed necessary. Skaters, coaches or parents/guardians who do not comply may be asked to leave the session.

General Guidelines

  • Parents/Guardians, Coaches & Skaters are to be courteous, respectful, and aware of their safety and the safety of others at all times. This is the essence of the ice etiquette guidelines
  • Skaters are allowed on the ice only when the zamboni is off the ice and its door is closed
  • Parents/Guardians & coaches are ultimately responsible for the conduct of hemselves/their skater(s) on and off of the ice


  • Parents, guardians and coaches are responsible to see that the skater is registered for the ice session prior to the skater stepping on the ice
  • The parent/guardian and coach must assure themselves that the skater understands the ice rules and etiquette prior to skating on  sessions.
  • All guest skaters must also register with the office or coordinator prior to stepping on the ice and must also follow WESC ice etiquette rules.
  • Children 8 years of age or younger must be accompanied at the rink by a parent/guardian (a coach does not count) at all times.
  • All children above 8 years must be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian (or coach) at all times or have an Emergency Contact Information Sheet on file.

Ice Awareness


  • Skaters need to keep moving at all times! Skaters who need to rest should do so along the boards or in the benches. If skaters fall, they need to get up immediately. If skaters stay down on the ice for any length of time, it is assumed they are injured
  • Wherever possible, jumps should be attempted in the corners
  • Wherever possible, spins should be practiced in the centre of the ice
  • Coaches are to remain aware of what is happening on the ice, and adjust their lessons accordingly.


  • Music is to be played in the order in which it was placed in the penalty box
  • Music is to be played at an acceptable volume level – loud enough to be heard by the skaters, but quiet enough as to not interrupt other lessons

Parents/Guardians & Observers

  • Parents/Guardians & Observers are restricted to the lobby area or the stands and may not enter the doorway or benches during a session
  • All entrances to the ice surface must be kept clear at all times for safety
  • If at any time a Parent/Guardian or Observer enters the ice surface without permission from the on-ice coordinator, both the Parent/Guardian/Observer and the skater will be removed from the ice
  • Parents/Guardians/Observers are to conduct themselves with kindness, compassion, and be safety-oriented at all times.