Registration fees do not cover our expenses, so fundraising is an absolute necessity!

In an effort to keep skating an affordable sport, every family must participate.

Bingo revenue is by far our greatest source of income.  Without it, registration fees would rise significantly.  Our bingo’s continue to be done at the Jackpot City Gaming Entertainment St. Thomas, located at 140 Edward St. St. Thomas. Each family is required to complete 2 bingo’s per year with each bingo lasting approximately 2.5 hours.  Your job at bingo will be collecting garbage from the tables and will not include the selling of cards or the collection of any money.

The revenue generated from Bingo Assignments pays our Ice Fees and most of our Coach Fees.

You will be required to complete online training before fulfilling your assignment.  We will send a link to this training to club members.  It takes about 30-45 minutes.  We ask for your cooperation to complete this online training at the beginning of our season.  

We will collect two Volunteer Cheques of $180 dated for August 31, 2023 (made payable to West Elgin Skating Club) during the first week of skating.  If you do not have personal cheques, we will invoice you for incomplete volunteer assignments on August 31st, 2023.  Once you complete your Bingo Assignment(s) this volunteer fee becomes null and void and your cheques will be returned and/or you will not be invoiced in August of 2023.  The Volunteer Cheques are to ensure we get your commitment to this fundraising opportunity. 

We are proud to be part of the St. Thomas Gaming Charity Program.  Because of our participation, we have been able to keep program fees affordable to you!  

There are no other fundraising obligations on your part!