COVID-19 Policy

The West Elgin Skating Club COVID–19 Policy and Procedures for Arena Use

For Covid Related Issues and Concern – Please Contact Felicia Kyle (519)868-8857

The following policy and procedures are in place to protect the health and well-being of all members of the West Elgin Skating Club from COVID-19.

Information will be communicated through the West Elgin Skating Club – Official Group Facebook site as well as on this website.

An Individual Becomes Unwell with Symptoms of COVID-19

  • If an individual becomes unwell with symptoms of COVID-19, or if someone is aware of an individual that becomes unwell with symptoms of COVID-19, that individual must immediately stop participation in WESC programs and activities.
  • The individual should be isolated from all others in a well-ventilated area, or outside, and instructed to wear a face mask.
  • The individual shall be sent home and instructed to follow public health guidelines regarding self-isolation and testing.
  • The facility will be informed to determine if any areas need to be closed and/or require additional cleaning/disinfecting.

An Individual is Tested for COVID-19

  • Any Person(s) that is part of WESC that has been tested for COVID-19 must not participate in any programs/activities while awaiting the results of the test.

An Individual Tests Positive for COVID-19

  • Any Person(s) who tests positive for COVID-19 must inform member Felicia Kyle, President.
  • Follow Public Health guidelines regarding self-isolation and testing.

Return to CSC Programs and Activities Following Illness

  • If no test was performed, or the COVID-19 test was negative, the individual may only return to programs and activities once they no longer have any symptoms of COVID-19.

Return to Programs and Activities Following COVID-19 Diagnosis

  • Following a positive COVID-19 test, an individual must follow Public Health guidelines regarding return to activities.

Refund Policy Regarding COVID-19

No refunds (including credit card refunds or credits on account) will be given for classes missed because a skater has been required to isolate by a Public Health Department or because a skater has tested positive for Covid-19 by a Public Health Department.